My style is compassionate and direct.  I use a practical, clear approach to help you meet your goals.  Both men and women find my personality and approach beneficial because of the focus on making lasting changes rather than only talking about feelings and problems.  Change doesn’t always happen quickly and I am able to do the hard work when problems have a long history.  The ability to see the big picture and to focus on the smallest next step makes change possible.  I am realistic but hopeful and am deeply committed to helping people create healthy, life-filled relationships.

My family therapy experience means that I help people focus on their goals and relationship while also attending to the daily realities of family demands, career stress, family and relationship histories, personality differences and individual goals.  With over 25 years experience, I appreciate the complexity of backgrounds, repetitive patterns, challenges and hopes that are involved in creating positive, satisfying relationships. 

For those individuals and couples who want spirituality included in their work I have an M.Div. from Vanderbilt Divinity School.  I am willing and able to help people as they connect the emotional and relational problems in their lives with the bigger questions of purpose, meaning and spirituality.  I often encourage regular practices such as meditation, journaling and prayer as avenues toward clearer understandings of self, others and God.  I do not offer biblically based Christian counseling. 


Sessions are usually weekly or every other week for 50 minutes in my Ft. Worth office.  In some cases I offer 90 minute sessions.  Appointments are scheduled on a regular basis so you can depend upon the consistency of therapy.  Fee payment is expected at the time of service.  You will be charged for missed appointments.  Statements will be available for you to submit to your insurance company.  I am not on network insurance panels, but some insurance companies will pay for out of network services provided that a mental health diagnosis is given to you. This is my full time employment and I see clients by appointment.  How long you will need to be in psychotherapy depends on your readiness to make changes and upon the goals that your set in your work. 


People who come to see me have often “hit their limits” and have decided they need help making positive changes in their lives.  Usually my clients are successful in many areas of their lives but something just isn’t working anymore.  They know they cannot proceed without getting counseling, support or coaching. 

Though they may be feeling hopeless at this time, they know change is possible.  Once a positive therapy relationship is established they are ready to take suggestions, are willing to try new behaviors outside the sessions as they become convinced of a clear path forward, and are invested in taking action to make changes for their own benefit.

Many of my clients also believe that making personal changes can have an important impact on people in their family and work settings.  Many of my clients work in the helping professions (teaching, ministry, medical or social services) or own their own businesses.  They have values that include making the world a better place for others, including those who are less fortunate in life.  They know that relationships matter a great deal to them. 


I specialize in couples counseling and relationship work.  People are usually seen with their spouse or partner for most sessions.  But I also work with individuals who want to work on their part of their relationship.  In addition, I work with gay and lesbian individuals, with people who want faith included in their work, and with individuals facing important life transitions.

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